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euphoric1dr @ 11:01 am: questions for a fulbright neophyte
hi guys, i'm new to this community and i'm considering applying for an ETA grant for the next Fulbright year. I know I want to teach in East Asia, and I'm having trouble deciding between Vietnam and Korea. It seems as though Korea would be best because they accept about 80 ETA's, whereas in Vietnam they only accept about 10. But I'm not even sure if Vietnam accepts ETA's because it looks as though last year, no grants were awarded at all for Vietnam (2008-2009). what would my chances of being accepted be like, do you think? Also, do ETA's need letters of recommendation? thanks so much guys =)


Date:July 29th, 2008 06:59 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't trust their statistics too much; things seem to be a little more flexible than the website lets on. Based on the applications they have for a specific year, they make funding adjustments and sometimes divert student full grant funds to allow for more ETAs (probably within a country—I don't know if they move funding from one country to an entirely different one).

There are 2008-2009 Vietnam ETAs. U of I and Knox College are both sending ETAs to Vietnam (and South Korea, too) this year. http://www.news.uiuc.edu/news/08/0617fulbrights.html and http://www.knox.edu/x21114.xml if you want to read the articles. I think they probably just haven't updated their site.

I have no idea about the odds. The application is a weeding-out process in itself, so it's difficult to say what percentage of people who attempt to get a grant actually do. Personally, I'd recommend trying for the Vietnam ETA because there are a lot of other programs to teach English in South Korea and I don't know of any to Vietnam. You could then apply to a program in both countries and let someone else make the decision for you based on which application is approved, the Fulbright or the other.
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