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February 27th, 2007

dos_mgp_mhl @ 09:43 pm: new zealand
are there any new zealand fulbrighters out there?
if so, when did you find out that you got it?
i'm still waiting...!!

November 14th, 2006

call_me_al @ 10:57 am: phone interviews
what are those like? anyone's had one? are they anything like campus interviews discussed a bit earlier?

dos_mgp_mhl @ 09:26 am: for those of you who got the fulbright, when did you find out?
the waiting has begun!

when did you hear back from fulbright? they say they'll be in touch between april and june, which seems like a pretty broad timeframe... and it feels like forever from now!

(also... how much of your living expenses does fulbright cover when you're on a full research grant? do they give you a stipend for housing, food, etc? i know it probably varies from country to country, but i just wanted to get a general idea. i figure fulbright will probably cover all the logistics, but i'm not exactly sure... and i couldn't find an answer on the website... maybe i just wasn't looking in the right place...?)

October 10th, 2006

frolicsome @ 07:43 pm: the interview.
What was your Fulbright campus interview like? What sorts of questions were asked? Mine is soon, and I'm wondering what to expect.

September 15th, 2006

frolicsome @ 11:13 am: Would any Fulbright recipients care to let me read their CV? I'm completely stumped.

September 8th, 2006

girl_tenor @ 08:46 pm: Should I Fulbright as doc or post-doc?
My, this list has been quiet. I almost forgot it existed!

I'm pondering my Fulbright proposal and wondering if anyone out there can offer some advice. I'm in the position of planning to finish up my dissertation in mid-spring. I have two options:
(1) Plan to defend in the spring, and write my Fulbright proposal as a sort of 9-12 month post-doc project.
(2) Plan to delay my defense until after the Fulbright (if I get it!) and use it to research and write a final chapter of my dissertation work.

It amounts to more-or-less the same thing, but I wonder if the proposal will be viewed differently if it's supposed to be part of a dissertation, vs. being a post-doc project. Any thoughts?


July 31st, 2006

miyaunna @ 06:02 pm: Questions About Fulbright...
Hey all,

I have some questions about Fulbright:

1) I've lived extensively abroad since turning 17, but these experiences have only been education abroad and exchanges/internships for the University and to teach (in Japan). Does this make me less competetive for the Fulbright program?

2) I would like to undertake a project concerning Creative Writing. Must I be a student of Creative Writing? For example, I am graduating with an Undergraduate degree in International Relations: LA, and I want to do a project with Create Writing in either Brazil or Chile. Would this work??? Have any of you in this group been in this same situation?

These are my questions for now. I'm sorry if this comes off as snippy or demaning; its really hot here in the Midwest and I don't know if my thoughts are all that coherent right now!!

Thanks in advance to all those who take the time to answer my questions, it will be greatly appreciated!


August 1st, 2006

call_me_al @ 12:41 am: another dumb question about the cv
every place i look says there's no real given format for the cv. what do you think, would it hurt my chances to write it in a humorous manner? really, i don't see myself recounting my biography to convey the sense of the person i've become and the experiences that made me who i am with a straight face.

July 27th, 2006

call_me_al @ 08:12 pm: fulbright application
hi all,
i'm getting ready to file my application for a rather specific fulbright award, and i would appreciate some basic advice. basically, i've been out of school for a while (this is a professional rather than student award) and i don't have anyone to ask what a good fulbright app, project proposal, and CV should look like. i saw some articles online about writing a successful fulbright application, and it says there that the CV should NOT be like a regular CV, but more like a personal statement. nowhere in my application instructions does it say this. what did you do?

and re: project proposal - what should be the balance between the things you know and the things you want to research in the course of the fulbright?

i know these questions sound dumb, you might be wondering why i'm applying at all, but i just have nothing, nothing to use as a guide or a sample...

June 11th, 2006

white_daffoil @ 12:45 pm: Hello guys. I'm glad to represent you a new community uk_ru_exchange
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