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debsinenglish @ 03:34 pm: Fulbright Application to Germany
Hi All,

I am entering my 2nd year of an MA/PhD program in English Literature. I am applying for a Fulbright to Germany to study at Humboldt. i think I have a solid and compelling project, a 4.0 graduate GPA and excellent recommendations from academics who are very well known in Germany, who know me and my work very well.

My question is about the language requirement. I understand that for most European countries, language proficiency is required. Hwoever this does not seem to be the case for Germany. My German language skills are not good. I will be spending this summer there (on a fellowship at Humboldt University in Berlin), which I hope will improve things but I have had no formal coursework in Gemran. Will this hinder my application? Any comments or insights based on experience would be much appreciated! Also, if you have unrelated advice you would like to share, I would appreciate that as well.



Date:February 14th, 2011 10:12 am (UTC)
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