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wileyokiley @ 05:33 pm: I'm Scared / Я испуганная!
I applied for a full grant to Russia (in the mathematical sciences), and I just got notification today that I've got a 30-minute telephone interview... in Russian... a week from today. AAAH!

Advice would be MUCH appreciated--what do they ask you? Is it all in Russian? Because although I'm a Russian major... I'll be damned if I can talk about math in Russian for 30 minutes straight. Do the other countries even DO phone interviews?


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Date:January 14th, 2008 10:57 pm (UTC)
Most countries do not do phone interviews. If I remember correctly (I was a Fulbrighter in Ukraine last year, so I met the Russian Fulbrighters), the purpose of the interview is mostly to try to measure language proficiency. So, they might ask you about anything, but I believe the general idea is to try to see how well you do at holding a conversation at all, and not whether you can talk about the details of your research in Russian!
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